Nissan Navara

Directed by the multi award winning Christopher Riggert with CG integrated by the very talented team at Blackbird. The project used Yeti for the fur, Golaem for the distant animals, and the foreground creatures were animated by hand with a full simulated musculature and nHair dynamics for the beard and mane. The renderer used was Arnold. For the dynamics we used Houdini and Maya Fluids. This project needed a custom pipeline be built to handle fur, animation cycles, caching and Arnold rendering – with the ability to ingest files created by a number of international and interstate artists. This Nissan Navara TVC had 1000’s of animated wildebeest migrating across the African Savannah. Of course it wasn’t shot in Africa!

RoleCG SupervisorAgencyWHYBIN\TBWA MelbourneProductionFinchDirectorChristopher RiggertPostBlackbirdYear2017

Building a Wildebeest

The layers required to build a convincing wildebeest.