Toyota CHR

The campaign’s hero commercial – by Exit Films’ LA-based director, Ben Tricklebank – unapologetically shows off the C-HR’s slick design, technology and performance as the car seamlessly moves a young couple from one experience to another. The single seamless camera move required extensive planning and post FX using a gimbal on green to capture the correct perspectives of the talent. Synchronising the timing for the camera and the rotation of the gimbal was achieved using LED strips as a guide that were animated using data extracted from previs. Only one shot has the car captured in camera and the environments are entirely CG.

RoleVFX SupervisorAgencyBWM DentsuProductionExit FilmsDirectorBen TricklebankPostAlt VFXYear2017

Toyota CHR Breakdown

The high-octane film was made possible thanks to combination of innovative, live-action camera work and proprietary visual effects technologies developed by Andreas and the team at Alt.