Skoda Toy Story is a 40 second TVC about toy characters coming to life inside a Skoda Octavia. Some characters were puppeteered with CG augmentation and most of the smaller characters were entirely CG.
The Bear, Dog, Hula girl were performed by a puppeteer in a green suit whilst the Twins, Buddha and Ninjas were all executed in 3D.

The commercial was shot in Hyderabad India with key crew from Australia. Some shots required the car to be dismantled to give the puppeteer access to the puppets. There were several green screen and some
enhancements done to the background we see through the car windows. Final compositing was done in Flame. Grading done in Baselight.

RoleVFX SupervisorAgencyBBH IndiaProductionPhotoplayDirectorScott Otto AndersonPostFSMYear2013

Skoda Breakdown

Get a glimpse at what was CG animated and what was puppeteered in this spot!