Impact Wall is a revolutionary interactive audio-visual experience like no other.  A massive (6m x 3.5m) screen that reads the impact point of balls and Nerf gun bullets that then alters the content displayed. Interactive games such as Asteroids, Soccer, Street Racer and Basketball were created in Unreal and Unity and projected onto the screen. A link from the Impact Wall sensor to the PC sent player input back to the game.


The sensor is 100% proprietary in design and was engineered over a 12 month period. A small run of sensor boards was created to build the one-off unit. It operated successfully for several years at the Entertainment quarter catering to kids for birthday parties. For more information on the technology please contact Andreas.

RoleDesigner & EngineerYear2016-2019

Impact Wall Fluids Sim

An installation of Impact Wall demonstrating an alternate use case with realtime interactive fluid simulations driven by user motion.

Impact Wall at the Easter Show

The unique and innovative Impact Wall was a huge success during its’ unveiling at the Easter Show in 2017 and earned a Silver Exhibitor Award.